Pricing tiers for I/O Labs are based on what features are needed (just pay for what you need). All pricing is based on monthly pricing. There are no contracts or commitments required (cancel at any time).
FreeThe no-cost tier has no expiration. It allows you to setup a single alert that lets you know when a certain cookie and/or JavaScript object has been seen. This allows you to see if paid tiers might be of use to you without committing upfront.
BasicThis is the lowest cost service we offer. This generally is for someone looking to find a specific JavaScript object being used across the web. One use for this might be if you have a commercial application that gets installed on a web server and you want to compare those to your licensed users (detecting piracy). Another use could be if you want to know which websites are using certain technology (maybe lead generation for potential customers using a competitor's product/service). Get real-time alerts for a JavaScript object as it's seen by spider.
PlusTier that lets you detect cookies being set across the web by multiple sites. This is useful for those running a single affiliate program. Get real-time alerts when a cookie you are interested in is seen by spider. Helpful when you are interested in the "who", but not so much the "how".
ProWhen you are managing a few affiliate programs or you are interested doing some basic tracing of how cookies are being set by looking through logs that include HTTP headers. If you are researching a specific site, you can have the spider do a realtime spidering of that site.
EnterpriseOur most advanced tier that includes everything we offer. Log retention for 6 months, full initator backtraces, API access, historical exports with no limits, etc.
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  Free Basic Plus Pro Enterprise
  $0 $25
Cookie searching
JavaScript object searching
Associated domain searching
Add domain to queue
JavaScript alerts 1 5 25
Cookie alerts 1 5
Header alerts 1 5
Hostname alerts 1 5
Check specific URLs
Analytics retention 1d 7d 30d 90d
Spider log retention 7d 30d 30d 90d 180d
View HTTP headers
View backtrace
JavaScript export timeframe 30d 365d
Historical cookie export 30d 365d
Historical header export 30d 365d
Historical hostname export 30d 365d
Filter by cookie value
Wildcard cookie name

Spidering since 2013

  unique total
cookies 1.2B 13.5B
head 45.2M 607.1M
hosts 261.9M 954.9M
js 1.6B 15.2B


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