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Here you are find a few examples of the types of things you can track and get alerts on with I/O Labs. If you are interested in tracking something specific, but are unsure which pieces of data you would need to key on, you can create a tracking assistance thread.
While every effort is put forth to correctly classify things being tracked, there may be times when something is misclassified (for example if a typo-domain is redirecting to an affiliate URL and the affiliate program's terms of service allow this, or maybe there's a misunderstanding about what cookie is being used to track affiliate clicks). If you feel something is in error, feel free to contact us and we can rectify it.
Web sites that forced 1&1 affiliate links to be clicked without human interaction.
Web sites that have AddThis social sharing tools installed.
Sites that have AdRoll installed on them.
Sites that force users to Amazon via affiliate link without human interaction.
Sites that force Amazon affiliate links to be clicked without human interaction.
Sites with AppNexus installed.
Sites that have Atlas (now owned by FaceBook) ads installed.
Sites with AudienceScience data collection tools installed.
Sites potentially cookie stuffing on the Avangate Network.
Websites that forced a merchant_id_* cookie to be set without user interaction.
Sites that are using AWeber analytics.
Affiliate sites potentially cookie stuffing affiliate programs managed by Awin.
Web sites that force Best Buy affiliate links to be clicked without human interaction.
Better Analytics is one of the most advanced analytics plug-ins for WordPress and XenForo.
Possible Bluehost affiliate sites that are forcing affiliate links to be clicked.
Sites that have Casale Media installed.
Sites that force affiliate cookie to be set without a user initiated click.
Sites that utilize Cloudflare web analytics.
Cookies that should only be set with human action (clicking an affiliate link). These are sites potentially cookie stuffing.
Sites that forced ConvertKit affiliate link to be clicked without human interaction.

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