Marketshare trends

The I/O Labs spider logs every cookie and JavaScript object it encounters and keeps that data historically. While not the primary use-case for the spider, the ability to find all websites using a particular cookie or JavaScript object can be useful for seeing technology used by websites over time.

Technology used

Different technologies used by websites typically leaves a cookie and/or JavaScript fingerprint. This could be used for marketshare research or simply to generate potential leads.
An example of this could be useful if your company is a competitor to Shopify. You can quickly get a list of the websites using Shopify for potential lead generation. You can export the list as well as set up real-time alerts as the spider encounters new sites going forward.

Piracy detection

Another use case would be if you offered a commercial product that gets installed on websites. You could get a list of the websites using your product and then compare that list against your licensed customers. For example, sites using vBulletin.

Spidering since 2013

  unique total
cookies 1.2B 13.5B
head 45.2M 606.8M
hosts 261.9M 954.5M
js 1.6B 15.2B


Cookie domains found

JavaScript objects found