Click analytics

Click analytics allows you to see affiliate clicks or advertising clicks flowing through your program in real-time. You can visually see any anomalies popping up as they happen. For example maybe you normally see a 5% traffic rate from India, but today you are seeing a huge spike where 75% of your click traffic is coming from India. That might be something worth investigating further.
Sample analytics are real clicks happening in real-time.


Our click analytics system was built in a way that does not require our servers to be online in order for a user making a click to be routed to their intended destination. We utilize Cloudflare Workers so that the only thing that needs to be available is a single Cloudflare data-center (they have over 285 data centers). We have also decoupled the logging from the redirection; the user has already been redirected before the click is even attempted to be logged for analytics.
The result is an extremely fast redirection happening in milliseconds, at the Cloudflare data center closest to the user, without any reliance on the speed or availability of a server.
Source code for the serverless Cloudflare Workers component is available for inspection by Enterprise users upon request for those that are interested in validating its scalability and fault tolerance.

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